Frequently Asked Questions



What is Hydroponics?


Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil. The plants thrive on the nutrient solution alone. The growing medium merely acts as support for the plants and their root systems, and help to hold moisture around the roots.


Is Hydroponics complicated?


Not at all - As long as you follow product directions and once you get used to the routine you will be amazed at how simple it is. There are more complicaated set ups and systems out there once you get confortable.


What are the advantages of hydroponics versus soil grown plants?


No soil means there are no weeds or soil borne pests or disease. Plants will be able to achieve the optimum nutrient and moisture levels in the hydroponic system, this has several advantages: healthier plants, faster growing plants, and more resistant plants as they will not become stressed though lack of water or nutrition. The root systems will stay smaller in hydroponically grown plants; the plant will concentrate on developing plant mass and the desired fruit or flower; this can result in 30% faster growth. This will also enable the grower to have more plants in a given area. Hydroponically grown plants never get root bound, so will rarely need repotting. As hydroponics is clean, it can easily be used indoors or in a spare room as well as a greenhouse or conservatory.

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