600W Spectrum PRO Digital Dimmable Grow Light Kit

600W Spectrum PRO Digital Dimmable Grow Light Kit

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Variation Name Price Quantity
Dual Spectrum Lamp £64.95
Veg Lamp £74.95
Flowering Lamp £74.95
Veg&Flowering Lamp £85.00
Lumii Reflector £64.95

The Spectrum MK2 Digital Ballast incorporates delayed start technology, which prohibits current rush to the lamp preventing the lamp from overloading. Not only can this occur when starting the ballast from cold, but also when switching between the different operating outputs. This technology enables the ballast to live longer and provides a safer environment.

Random start technology allows the ballast to power on anywhere within a small predetermined window of time of about 15 seconds. This stops the initial power draw of multiple Exodus Digital Ballasts starting up simulaneously thus significantly reducing the start up power draw that could damage your contactors.

Another feature of the Spectrum Digital Ballasts is the hot lamp detection technology ensures that in the case of a power failure the lamp will not re-strike if it is still hot. Once the bulb has cooled sufficiently, ignition can occur. Spectrum ballasts are designed to operate quietly, eradicating the buzzing associated with most ballasts on the market.

The Light Kit also includes the Spectrum Bulbs and reflector.