Ecothrive - Life-Cycle

Ecothrive - Life-Cycle

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Benefits of using Ecothrive Life Cycle:
- Derived from fully organic, natural ingredients
- Diverse, unique blend of nutrients and minerals
- Provides a whole host of benefits to your garden
- Promotes vigour and plant health
- Reduced maintenance – no longer required to dose your reservoir with liquid feeds
- Enriches and Conditions Media
- Builds resistance to pests and disease

How to use Ecothrive Life-cycle:
-Add life-cycle to your soil and thoroughly mix before planting – Organic techniques may require a larger volume of media than your used to; ecothrive recommend using around 160-200 litres per 1.2m2 or 4 x 40l pots under each 600w light.
-We recommend mixing around 300g life cycle per bag of Biobizz all mix or Grow Dog Soil perlite mix

Mixing in eco life:
-Used Eco-Life Soil - mix 250g per 40L
-New Soil or Coco - mix 300 - 350g per 50L
-Let the soil warm-up after mixing to let the beneficial organisms condition the soil
-To push plants to their maximum, top dress with life cycle at the onset of flower and avoid adding more after week 5.

Top Dressing with eco life:
-Lightly dust the surface of each 40-50l pot with 1-2 tablespoons (15-30ml)
-Water as usual – keeping medium moist
-Repeat application every 2-3 weeks - avoid adding more after week 5 of flower