Expando Grow (each pack contains 2)

Expando Grow (each pack contains 2)

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Why would I buy the Expando?
– Without using the Expando you loose more than 1/2 foot per side of your tent. Not only does Expando stop this known issue it can also gain your tent an extra 1/2 foot thus creating up to 1 foot more space per side.

How does the Expando work?
– You align the Expando inside your tent to each pole, stretch to required length, push the center out to expand your grow tent and then tighten center clamp.

What size tents can it be used on?
– The Expando is universal to all pole sizes (16-28mm) and fits all tents 1m+ from pole to pole.

How can I gain maximum results using the Expando?
– We recommend 2 Expandos (1 Pack) per side to gain maximum results. Attach ½ meter from the top and ½ a metre from the bottom for each side.