Light Easy Roll Hangers (Pair)

Light Easy Roll Hangers (Pair)

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  • Light Easy Roll Hangers (Pair) £4.95
  • Hook £1.00
  • Half s hook £1.00
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Light Easy Roll Hangers (Pair) £4.95
Hook £1.00
Half s hook £1.00

A very useful grow room device. You just suspend your reflector from a pair of Easy-Roll Light Hangers and then simply adjust the height by pulling it up or down.

• Quickly change the position of a reflector to maintain optimum light coverage

• Access plants more easily by temporarily moving light up and out of the way

• 2 hangers supplied per pack

Hangers comfortably support most of our reflectors, but for DARKSTAR, Dimlux and Gavita models we recommend using Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers.