Orca Grow Film Grow Tent Lighting Kit

Orca Grow Film Grow Tent Lighting Kit

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1m x 1m Was £59.95 £47.99
1.2m x 1.2m Was £64.95 £54.99
1.2m x 2.4m Was £104.95 £89.99

Orca Grow Film - Grow Tent Lining Kit - 1.2m x 1.2m

Orca Grow Film quite rightly comes with a warning – “Beware of Killer Yields!”. Orca Grow Film is simply the highest performing reflective sheeting in the grow-industry. Don’t waste any of the light from your grow-lamp, use the most efficient reflective sheeting available today - Orca Grow Film

Fits around the inside of a 1.2m x 1.2m tent

The most highly reflective sheeting available on the market

100% light tight - completely prevents light leaks from your grow-space

94% reflectivity across the whole visible light spectrum

Microfibre technology produces true diffuse reflection

Thick, tough and crease-resistant

Drastically reduces hot-spots compared to mylar or PET-coated reflective sheeting

Reflects light evenly, regardless of angle

No colour-shift or iridescence of the reflected light

How Orca Grow Film works:

This kit contains the materials required to line a 1.2m square grow tent with Orca sheeting. Orca Grow Film is completely different to other types of reflective sheeting on the market. Orca Grow Film is matt-white and is made from threads of a high-density specialised plastic which are bonded together creating a unique surface. The microscopic fibres diffuse light across the surface of the film very efficiently, creating an amazingly even and bright “glow”. Because the light is reflected so evenly, hot-spots caused by reflected light are completely eliminated. Orca Grow Film reflects more light than other reflective sheetings and does not alter the wavelength of the light it reflects. As an added bonus, Orca Grow Film is 100% light-tight and can be used to prevent light leaks from your grow-space. Quite literally a brilliant product!

Using Orca Grow Film:

Clean the inside of the grow tent's lining to remove any dust and contaminates. Starting at one of the front corners, insert the Orca Grow Film between the tent poles and the fabric tent liner, then feed it around the rest of the poles so that it lines the inside of the tent. Make sure that the bottom of the sheeting is inline with the base of your plants, then secure it in place using the orca seam tape.