Plant Magic - 60/40 Coco Clay (50L Bag)

Plant Magic - 60/40 Coco Clay (50L Bag)

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A combination of premium RHP quality, triple-washed coco and chemically inert pebbles, mixed with an optimal dose of Trichoderma to allow plants to draw more up nutrients and water.
Plant Magic 60/40 with added Trichoderma is a high-quality growing media made up of triple-washed coco and chemically inert pebbles.
Its high cation exchange capacity (CEC) provides greater nutrient uptake, making it ideal for growing in pots and hydroponic systems.
It is also fully enriched with calcium nitrate to buffer the media, preventing nutrient lockout and reducing sodium levels.
-Coco is buffered to retain water and nutrients
-Excellent drainage from clay pebbles
-Low EC value

With 60% clay pebbles, Plant Magic 60/40 delivers exceptional drainage, making it great for use with flood & drain systems, and also drippers. The 40% coco content acts as a buffer, helping the medium to retain some additional moisture which allows you to feed less frequently while giving you extra time to react if a pump fails.

How Plant Magic 60/40 Works
60/40 Coco Pebble Mix contains a blend of clay pebbles (60%) and coco (40%). It’s most commonly used with flood & drain and dripper systems. It offers the kind of drainage and oxygenation that's associated with clay pebbles, delivering intense root development, and in turn, rapid growth rates in the top half of the plant. The 40% coco content acts as a buffer, allowing the medium to hold onto more water. This means that you won't have to feed as often.

Plant Magic 60/40 is supplied pre-inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. These microorganisms have an array of roles that boost growth rates even further. By attaching themselves to roots, they effectively increase the total surface area of the rootzone, massively improving nutrient uptake.