PLANT!T (100 Ltr Bag) Vermiculite

PLANT!T (100 Ltr Bag) Vermiculite

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Vermiculite is a natural mineral that is commonly used as a soil conditioner. Vermiculite improves the aeration of soil mixes but is also very absorbant so it retains water/nutrient very well. Vermiculite can also be used as a growing medium in hydroponics as it is nutritionally inert meaning it contains no nutrient.

Vermiculite commercial applications:

Vermiculite or vermiculite based products have a wide variety of commercial applications:

soil conditioner

moulded shapes, bonded with sodium silicate for use in:high-temperature insulationrefractory insulationfireproofing of structural steel and pipes

as loose-fill insulation

packing material, valued for its high absorbency

suitable as a substrate for various animals and/or incubation of eggs

lightweight aggregate for plaster, proprietary concrete compounds, firestop mortar and cementitious spray fireproofing

as an additive to fireproof wallboard

component of the interior fill for firestop pillows, along with graphite

carrier for dry handling and slow release of agricultural chemicals

soil additive for plants, together with perlite for potted plants

growing medium for hydroponics.

means to permit slow cooling of hot pieces in glassblowing, lampwork, steelwork, and glass beadmaking

used in-ground swimming pools to provide a smooth pool base

used in commercial handwarmers

used as a sterile medium for the incubation of reptile eggs

light-weight insulative concrete [1]

used in AGA cookers as insulation

used in explosives storage as a blast mitigant