Pro-XL - Coco All Mix - 50L

Pro-XL - Coco All Mix - 50L

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PRO XL - Cocos all-mix

Cocos all-mix by PRO-XL was compiled especially to optimise cultivation. If you want to achieve the best cultivation results, it is important to use a good substrate. Without proper shoes, you can't run like a pro. This applies to plants too. You won't achieve good results if the plants aren't growing in a proper substrate.

Cocos All-mix contains slow-release fertilizers, in combination with the PRO-Xl nutrients, will guarantee you the best cultivation results.

PRO-XL All-mix coconuts should always be slightly moistened, never wet.
Always maintain a PH and EC level of:

PH 5.8 - 6.8
E.C <1mS / cm

Oxygen content 18 -25%
Contains fertilizers 12-14-24 + 2
Quality Coconuts A
Can be rinsed for reuse
Good moisture holding
Contains perlite

Cocos all-mix by PRO-XL also carries an RHP quality mark and falls under the A category. The quality mark guarantees the quality of the product in the customer's chain from harvesting to processing. The quality mark guarantees security, safety, and quality. The most important key words leading to optimal results.