Pro-XL - Mini Kit

Pro-XL - Mini Kit

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The PRO-XL Mini Kit comprises all of the products from the PRO-XL basic line, for an entire cultivation of approximately 1m2. The Mini Kit is ideal to achieve optimal results and is suitable for a variety of plant species.

1 x 500 ml A&B GROW Growth-Stage 2.5 ml / liter

1 x 500 ml A&B BLOOM Bloom-Stage 2.5 ml / liter

1 x 100 mL PROSTART Root stimulator 0.5 ml / liter

1 x 100 mL QUICKBOOST Bloom booster 1 0.5 ml / liter

1 x 100 mL FLORA EXPLODER Bloom booster 2 0.5 ml / liter

Application: see schedule (fertilized or Non-fertilised soil).

1- Rooting Phase. During the growth phase of approximately two weeks (where lights are on 18 to 24hours), we use only the PROSTART (0.5 ml / L of water) with fertilized soil*. Due to the efficiency of the product, it is important to solely feed directly on the soil/cocos (Do not attempt to feed through leaf absorption) With non-fertilised soil or hydroponics you mix directly with GROW A&B** (see schedule).

2- Growth phase (12 hours of light). After sufficient pre-growth we continue with the A and B GROW** (Possibly extended a further 2 weeks when used with PROSTART) until flowering becomes visible. This is clearly seen by the white “hairs” that show there where side branches connect to the stem.

3- Flowering phase (1). As we move on to the flowering phase it’s time to introduce A&B BLOOM** (2.5 ml / L of water). For the first 3 weeks we add QUICKBOOST (0.5 ml / L of water) for a stronger, superior plant.

4- Flowering stage (2). During the last 3 weeks replace QUICKBOOST with FLORA EXPLODER (0.5 to 1 ml / L of water). This encourages larger, more compact and improved resilient flowers.

*Optimal with Sublime soil or coco All-mix Pro-XL

**Just mix the A&B component in the water (first put water than add A and then the B component).

Rpm. Ideally suitable for indoor or outdoor plants (including auto-flowers) and suitable for any soil or hydroponics.

By using the highest quality fertilisers (which are also used in professional horticulture) Pro-XL realises optimal absorption of nutrients by the plants. This allows us to generate superior results with a natural finish.