Pro-XL Pesticides 30ml Bundle (Kill, Kill 5, Anti-Mil, Anti-Bac)

Pro-XL Pesticides 30ml Bundle (Kill, Kill 5, Anti-Mil, Anti-Bac)

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1. Active substance for protection against red spider mites, remains active for two weeks (short-lived). 2. Active substance is active on the long-term (up to 45 days) against eggs and the larvae stage. 3. Stabilizer/ foliar feed.

Application: Add 30 ml Kill3 to 10 litres of water. Shake well. Enough for 50m2. Spray just before the lamps switch off. Spray both under and over the leaves. Repeat after 5 days if necessary.

Kill 5:

1. Offers protection against red spider mites and

thrips for 2 weeks; 2. Effective (+-40 days) against eggs and larvae stage; 3. Prevents build-up of resistance: 4. Contains foliar feeds and stabilizer; 5. Developed based on Colloidal Silver, effective against viruses and is anti-bacterial.

Application: Mix 30 ml KILL 5 in 5 litres of water. Mix thoroughly! Enough for 50m2.


Prevents fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Anti-Bac is a preventive product that deters problems caused by fungi, infections and viruses before it is too late. It is ideal for use to prevent fungal formation in flowers!

Application: Fill the pressure sprayer with 5 liter water and add 30 ml Anti-Bac. Shake well.Spray shortly before the lights go out. Spray over the entire plant (including the flowers). To prevent fungi in the flower formation from week 6, repeat spraying once every week.