Root Nurse Pots

Root Nurse Pots

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Variation Name Price Quantity
3.8 ltr £0.94
8 ltr £1.24
12 ltr £1.39
16 ltr £2.39
20 ltr £2.60
30 ltr £3.15
56 ltr £4.70
76 ltr £6.49
39 ltr £3.65
1 ltr £0.80
2 ltr £0.85
25 ltr £2.95

These fabric pots are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric pots are biodegradable, reusable and aids in the development of healthy root growth in plants.

The fabric pots air prune the roots. This allows them to form multi-branched roots making stronger and more efficient root systems. This alleviates the problem of root-circling, often found when using traditional plastic pots.

Root Nurse fabric pots offer:

Faster growth
Stronger plants
Superior drainage and aeration
Eliminates root circling
Reusable and biodegradable