Square Pots

Square Pots

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3L Square Top Round Bottom £0.59
25L £3.95
0.5L £0.25
1L Square Top Round Bottom £0.29
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6.5L £0.99
11L £1.35
18L £2.40
2L Long £0.49

Square Pot

Ideal for making the most of your grow-space, Square Pots are made from strong, durable plastic and allow you to get more from your garden than by using traditional round pots. Thispot can be used for starting seedlings and cuttings or for the first potting-on from a smaller pot.

Square pots give you the most root-space in any given area

Manufactured from strong, durable plastic

Re-useable many times

Better use of garden-space than using traditional round pots

How the Square Pot works:

Square pots allow you to make the most of your garden space. By using normal round pots, there will always be gaps between the pots which is not being used for your plants roots. Square Pots allow you to completely fill your garden floor-space, maximising root-space which gives you increased growth capacity and potential yield

Using Square Pot:

Square pots are used exactly like round pots. Simply fill the pot with your soil mix leaving an inch or 2 at the top for ease of watering. Transplant your cutting/seedling/plant into the soil mix and water well.