Yellow / Blue Sticky Traps

Yellow / Blue Sticky Traps

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  • - Yellow - 10 pack £6.00
  • - Blue - 20 Pack £15.95
  • - Yellow - 5 pack Guard'N'Aid £6.00
Variation Name Price Quantity
- Yellow - 10 pack £6.00
- Blue - 20 Pack £15.95
- Yellow - 5 pack Guard'N'Aid £6.00

Small flying insects, like whitefly, are attracted to these yellow pesticide-free traps, and then become completely stuck to the non-drying glue coating.

However, unlike similar products the glue does not adhere to hands or clothing.

The benefits of our Blue Sticky Insect Traps:

Blue Sticky Traps utilise a strong and durable wet-stick insect glue for maximum capture rates of flying insect pests. The quality of the glue ensures these traps quickly reduce pest populations on your plants, or within your home.

The traps are made of a highly attractive blue colouring to insects which further increases its catching potential. We also find the blue colouring attractive!

Use theses traps to successfully monitor pest numbers and reduce infestations.

What do the traps catch?

Blue sticky traps are particularly effective against:

Flying Thrip
Leafminers (adults)
Lepidopteran pests
Shore Fly
How big are the traps?

Each trap is 10cm x 25cm.

How do I set up the traps?

Hanging ties are supplied with each pack. Simply detach each tie, hook through the hole at the top of the trap, and hang up wherever desired.

Please also note that the two outer traps are sticky on one side but the remaining eight traps are sticky on both sides.

How long do the traps last?

The traps should be replaced regularly when filled with caught pests, dust and debris. This is vital to ensure maximum capture rates.

Where should I set up my Sticky Traps?
Place traps just above the plant heads for maximum effectiveness. The traps can be placed on your plants, in your greenhouse and within your home. Set up the traps in a variety of locations and trap multiple flying pests with these great value solutions. Do not use outside.