Elite 91 Roots 250ml

Elite 91 Roots 250ml



● Add Elite 91 ROOTS with every feeding from seedling/cloning growth stage up until the 5th or 6th week of the crops fruiting/flowering cycle.

● Soil, Coco, Hydroponics: Add 0.5 ml – 2 ml per liter of nutrient solution.

● Compost tea: Add 2 – 5 ml per liter of nutrient solution.

● Seedlings/Cuttings: Pre-soak your preferred choice of growing medium in a solution using 1 ml – 3 ml per liter of water to protect, stimulate and boost vitality. Continue to use the same dosage rate to feed your new starts throughout the rooting phase.

● Foliar spray: 2ml – 10ml per liter. Spray the entire plant with the light off. Once up to three times a week. Spraying once or twice a week will suffice for correcting nutrient deficiencies as well as adding an extra boost to plant health, growth & vitality.

● Elite 91 ROOTS is suitable with all soil, soilless and hydroponic based growing mediums and can be used in conjunction with any premium quality nutrient and/or fertilizer.

NOTE: Do Not use hydrogen peroxide or any chemical sterilizing agents when using Elite 91 ROOTS.