Elite 91 Silicic 250ml

Elite 91 Silicic 250ml


Elite 91 SILICIC ACID contains one of the most powerful, concentrated forms of silicic acid ever achieved in a stable liquid form. It boasts an incredible concentration of 4.1% Monosilicic Acid and 1.2% plant available Silicon, 21 different organic L-amino acids, and contains zinc, boron, molybdenum and manganese for an extra micronutrient boost.

Use Elite 91 SILICIC ACID with every feeding from the seedlings/cuttings growth stage up until the 7th or 8th week of the crops fruiting/flowering cycle. Double the standard dosage rate per gallon with root or foliar applications to reduce stretching in the early fruiting/flowering phase.

Do not premix. Always add fresh clean water to the reservoir first, then add Elite 91 SILICIC ACID. Mix well then add remaining fertilizers and additives. pH the final nutrient solution to 5.8 – 6.3 range.

Is suitable with all soil, soilless and hydroponic based growing mediums and can be used in conjunction with any premium quality nutrient and/or fertilizer program.

Do not contaminate the bottle/container with water, dust, dirt or debris.

Always use clean & dry measuring instruments when extracting Elite 91 SILICIC ACID from the bottle/container.

● Soil, Coco, Hydroponics: 0.5 ML – 1 ML per gallon.

– Standard Dosage Rate: 3 ML per 5 gallons

– Aggressive Dosage Rate: 6 ML per 5 gallons

● Seedlings/Cuttings: Pre-soak your preferred choice of growing medium in a solution using 0.25 ML – 0.5 ML per gallon of water along with a base nutrient and other additives to boost and protect plant growth. Continue to use the same dosage rate to feed your new starts throughout the rooting phase.

● Foliar Spray/Treatment: 1 ML to 2 ML per liter

– Standard Dosage Rate: 4 ML per gallon

– Aggressive Dosage Rate: 8 ML per gallon

● Spray the entire plant with the lights off. Once or twice a week.

● Adjust pH as necessary before application.

– Serves as an effective surfactant and does not require any additional wetting agents for proper penetration and/or absorption.

Non-Toxic and leaves NO residue behind on plant surfaces.

GROWERS TIP (OPTIONAL): In conjunction with foliar applications, add ROOTS with the mixture at a dosage rate of 2 ML – 4 ML per gallon of water, mix well and spray within 24 hours.