MegaLux - Diffusion Foil

MegaLux - Diffusion Foil

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  • 1.2m x 100m (Roll) £260.00
  • 1m x 1.2m £2.99
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1.2m x 100m (Roll) £260.00
1m x 1.2m £2.99

A silver light proof foil. White & silver poly that works in a similar way to a horticultural lighting reflector, spreading light more evenly and eliminating hotspots. This sheet has smaller diamonds than many of the other brands which enables it to give greater light diffusion.

Bounce light back into your growroom with market leading hard wearing PET coated films which are especially designed for horticulture.

Why choose Mega-Lux?

* Made from high quality 100% lightproof polypropylene.

* Carries the 'LIGHTFAST' mark.

* Tried & tested for years in the photographic industry for the production of photo paper packaging.

* PET coated to prevent against corrosion and wear.

* Roll size - 1.2m x 100m